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I have always love photography.  My first film camera was a Pentax ME Super in high school.  I carried it everywhere, capturing the beauty all around me. 

My journey has been all self-taught.  I attended my first photography conference in 2016 and was hooked!  I was surrounded by my “tribe”; people who had the same passion as I did.  The community is like no other;  photographers support and help each other!  My journey includes learning online (many of the instructors I now know), learning at conferences, shooting styled shoots (practice), worked with many more mentors that I can name, and hired a business coach.  This journey has brought me to where I am today, and I am forever grateful for all the support by each one of them!


I will bring this energy to your session; whether it’s a portrait session, your wedding, or photographing your brand. 


YOU will become part of my family.  

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