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Boudoir encapsulates an experience that celebrates the human mind, body & spirit. My focus is on empowering clients to see the beauty that radiates both internally and externally. Provide self-awareness of their superpower - confidence.


I grew up very insecure, uncomfortable in my own skin, and had no self confidence. I was called fat, thunder thighs, and ugly growing up, all from kids at school & neighborhood. Every new city we moved to was the same, and my reaction was the same. Those words affected me in a deep and dark way;.  Those of us who have experienced that call it “fat brain”. No matter what path I took, “fat brain” was always hanging over me. I allowed others to impact how I felt about myself. Their voice had more impact on my psyche than the years of positivity that surrounded my family life.


Fast forward many years; I was offered a free boudoir session from a trusted photographer and that experience changed the way I look at my outer self. I had no idea that those few hours would transform my mind so strongly that I now hold my head high and ignore the negative words of others. Through the years I found my voice and want to share the inner beauty women have through photography. I feel I have a gift to give other women who have that voice inside that says “I am enough”.

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