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Fine art photography holds immense value in the realm of artistic expression and visual storytelling. It transcends the boundaries of traditional photography, elevating it to the level of a genuine art form. Through a masterful combination of technical skill and creative vision, fine art photographers capture moments, emotions, and concepts, provoking deep introspection and connecting with viewers on a profound level. Each photograph becomes a unique piece of art, reflecting the artist's perspective and conveying a narrative that resonates with the audience. Fine art photography not only celebrates the beauty of the world but also challenges societal norms, encourages dialogue, and sparks cultural conversations. It evokes emotions, stimulates the imagination, and invites viewers to see the world through a new lens, fostering a deeper appreciation for the power of visual aesthetics. The value of fine art photography lies in its ability to transcend the ordinary and inspire us to perceive and interpret the world with a heightened sense of awareness and artistic sensitivity.

Amy May Photography specializes in capturing portraits, weddings, commercial, and real estate moments with professionalism. My mission is to accompany you throughout the entire journey of planning and creating captivating imagery that will be cherished for generations as a timeless piece of art in your home.

Professional photography is a personal and sometimes an intimate process, and I am dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. When you choose Amy May Photography, you become a part of our extended family. 

Don't hesitate to reach out and schedule a discovery call today. I would be thrilled to welcome you as another happy client on our growing list.

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I'd love to be your photographer!

Relationships are critical to capturing innovative, compelling, & authentic images.  We will work together to style your session, capture the perfect expression, and guide you through choosing the perfect art for your wall.


Galena Grant Park Wedding Wedding Party-9897.jpg

We chose Amy May Photography for our Galena wedding, held in Grant Park.
Amy is the consumate professional, yet warm and caring at the same time. It was as if our dear friend was capturing our day. The creative energy she puts into each and every shot, made choosing a favorite photo impossible. We continue to receive comments from people who have seen photos of our wedding, all agreeing that her work is true artistry, especially her knowledge and use of light.
We simply cannot believe how fortunate we were to have found her. A+++

M Heurung - Galena


We love being featured! We've been published in Shutter Magazine, Mingle magazine, 365ink, MAC Magazine,'s social media, and been featured on Paula Sands Live. I have worked with Galena Lions' Club, Galena Chamber of Commerce, P.T. Murphy's Magic Show, Slumberland, Spahn & Rose, numerous homes in the Galena Territorty, and many more!

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